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Figs and peaches

Yesterday, thanks to suggestions on Twitter, I made this appetizer/snack: fresh California figs with Ontario goat cheese, drizzed with local honey:

Then the peaches – so early this year! I chopped up a couple of pounds:

And then made this:

Peach Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal Drop Biscuits. I love this recipe because cobbler usually entails getting the counter messy by rolling out dough, and you skip that part here.


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Japanese-style spinach

Have you ever had ohitashi, the spinach dish served in many Japanese restaurants? It’s steamed spinach with a sweet sauce, sometimes sesame, or miso, or both.

I’ve been making my own version of this dish for years, usually with spinach but sometimes with other steamed greens. I just had it for lunch with my Plan B spinach and thought I’d share it with you. And my apologies, I ate it all before I could take a picture.

Basically, I use equal parts miso, tahini and honey, but you can play with the proportions to adjust the flavour. Mix them together in a bowl then thin out with some water and toss with steamed spinach.

For a standard bunch of spinach, I use a teaspoon (by which I mean a cutlery teaspoon scooped in, not a well-measured 5 mL) of each ingredient and often end up with too much sauce. So maybe a proper teaspoon would do. As for quantities of spinach, I can quite happily eat a whole bunch on my own but it depends on your tastes and what else is on the menu. Enjoy!

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