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Food blog(ger) Sassy Radish did a post the other day with a new-to-me cabbage recipe that I just had to try. The twist is that the cooked cabbage is braised in cream, which gives it a much more luxurious taste than many cabbage recipes.

And yes, I’m still getting cabbage in my organics boxes.


I made the recipe pretty much as described, but instead of leeks I used green garlic as I’d gotten it in my box. I cooked the cabbage perhaps not as long as I should have, as it was still quite crunchy, but half an hour was long enough to wait – next time I might cook it until soft.

I served it up right away with roasted potatoes, fried shiitakes and a hard-boiled egg, plus homemade pickles, pickled beets and pickled carrots (not pictured, although they should be to add some colour), for a yummy local lunch. (There was stewed rhubarb with yogurt for dessert.)


And yes, as described in the original, it was better the next day.


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