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Asparagus pizza

The cooked asparagus just hasn’t been doing it for me lately, so when I got more local asparagus in my Plan B box this week, I was wondering what to do with it. Then my sister suggested this asparagus pizza from Smitten Kitchen.

The verdict: delicious! And there are no pictures. But shaved raw asparagus is my new favourite thing. I have half a bunch left and I think I’m going to make a salad like Deb mentions near the beginning of her post, with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh parmesan.

Raw food strikes again. 🙂


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Asparagus soup

I came home to a new Plan B box today, my first since the fall. A lot of greens, a cucumber, tomatoes, apples, mushrooms, and asparagus – which reminded me that I still had a bunch of asparagus in the fridge to cook up.

So I made this Jamie Oliver asparagus soup recipe that I found recently. It’s very simple, served with toast and a poached egg. I made a half recipe, which worked about right for a single bunch of asparagus (which, before I trimmed the bottoms, came to 450 g). I didn’t have any leeks so used 1 1/2 onions, but it would be better with leeks.

The truth is, I haven’t been excited about asparagus lately, but this soup was far more interesting than just steamed asparagus. I might serve the leftovers with grated cheese or even kefir mixed in.

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