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Asparagus pizza

The cooked asparagus just hasn’t been doing it for me lately, so when I got more local asparagus in my Plan B box this week, I was wondering what to do with it. Then my sister suggested this asparagus pizza from Smitten Kitchen.

The verdict: delicious! And there are no pictures. But shaved raw asparagus is my new favourite thing. I have half a bunch left and I think I’m going to make a salad like Deb mentions near the beginning of her post, with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh parmesan.

Raw food strikes again. 🙂


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Whenever our organics box arrives, inevitably the first thing to disappear are the lovely local shiitake mushrooms. We usually fry them in olive oil or butter and salt, nothing else, but as a change of pace (and as part of my raw food experiments), I’ve been marinating them.

I based my recipe on one from the Live cookbook: half a cup of sliced mushrooms, a tablespoon of soy sauce (nama shoyu to be truly raw) and two of olive oil. (I think. I don’t have it in front of me.) But I just do a bunch of sliced mushrooms with oil and soy drizzled on top and stirred up. Let them sit for 10-20 minutes and they’re good to go.

I’ve been serving them up on raw pizza (Live raw pizza crusts + pesto + mushrooms + cashew cheese), but they’d also be good on pasta (zucchini noodles and raw marinara, of course) or homemade sushi (but they’re not sweet like the ones in Japanese restaurants). Or just to eat, if you’re a mushroom lover like me. Or even on regular, not-raw pizza. 🙂

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