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Eggplant sauce

I made this sauce for dinner tonight, served over whole-grain pasta with a dollop of pesto (though terrible that I forgot to add ricotta, when I have some from Monforte in the fridge). Nice use of local eggplant and garden tomatoes.

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Tonight’s dinner was a simple one. First, tomato salad with parsley and basil (all from the garden), topped with local chevre (this kind), olive oil and pepper.

Then, a smoothie: banana, beet greens (from the garden), nectarines (Ontario) and blueberries, blended with hemp milk.



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I’m in love. The biscuits on this pear cobbler from Bon Appétit are to die for. (Literally, if you eat too many – it’s the butter/cream combo that really makes them.)

You start with the biscuits. Mix the dry ingredients:

Then cut in the butter, and stir in the cream.

Make the dough into a log, and slice eight biscuits. (If you have more than eight guests, you could make more biscuits that were slightly smaller so no one has to share.) One side of each biscuit gets dipped in melted butter and then sugar.

While the biscuits are chilling in the fridge, make the filling. I used fresh wild blueberries instead of dried, along with pears I picked last weekend with Not Far From the Tree. Four of us picked 300 pounds in two hours!

Alas, we were in such a hurry to get to the final product that I forgot to take a picture. But it disappeared very quickly under vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (yes, it was a decadent night).

Also for dinner: amazing corn on the cob (I didn’t even add butter), yam fries, roasted chicken (for the meat-eaters), arugula salad and this potato salad, from multi-coloured local potatoes I picked up at Karma and parsley fresh from the garden.

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