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Anyone who’s spent any time with me over the past few months knows that thanks to my CSA box from Plan B Organics, I’ve been searching for newer and greater recipes to make with cabbage. A cabbage every two weeks turns out to be a lot, and I refuse to throw them out, so we’ve been eating a lot of cabbage.

One of the best recipes I’ve come up with is from Smitten Kitchen, my current website crush and an excellent food blog. She has a cabbage and mushroom galette that’s to die for, and it’s in the oven right now. It’s especially perfect since I usually get local shiitake mushrooms in the box along with the cabbage and other veggies. (I’ll show off a picture of my box in a few days.)

I recommend this galette even if you’re not trying to use up all your cabbage, but she also has a butternut squash one that I’m sure is just as good, and her easy (but slightly time-consuming due to chilling time) pastry recipe would work just as well with apples or another fruit.


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Why I’m here

I don’t have nearly enough to do, apparently, so here we go. I try hard to eat local and am always looking for ways to do it better, and I wanted a place to share my finds and tips, hence this blog. It might not be updated very regularly but I hope it’s a good resource for people in Toronto who are trying to eat local, too.

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