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Beet-apple-ginger juice

Yum! Four beets, four apples and a hunk of ginger.


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Excuse the terrible pictures, I’m going to have to come up with a nicer way to take photos of juice. But today’s my first day testing out the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, which the company kindly lent to me for a story for besthealthmag.ca.

My absolute favourite juice is kale-apple-ginger, so that was my first attempt, preceded only by kale-pear-ginger for the household member who’s allergic to fresh apples. As you’d expect, the pear version was quite thick, but delicious. I think I did four pears, four or five stalks of kale and a few inches of ginger.

The kale-apple-ginger was also good, and more liquid than the pear. I did about the same ratio and actually found it very sweet – I must have chosen a sweet variety of apple. (I picked a bag of local organics from the new organics case at Fiesta Farms.)

The juicer was super easy to use and easy to take apart to clean too – although like all juicers, cleaning it afterward is a bit of a pain. My only challenge was that there were a lot of chunks of kale leaves in the pulp container afterward, so it obviously wasn’t handling all the kale. I was alternating kale with apple like I’d read to do, but that didn’t seem to be enough. Does anyone have any tips for getting more green juice?

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