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I saw this recipe linked from Smitten Kitchen ages ago and finally got around to trying it tonight, when I was craving dessert and had nothing around the house.

It’s a three-ingredient peanut-butter cookie recipe: just peanut butter, sugar and egg (and I threw in some vanilla). As you’d guess from the quantities, they’re quite sweet. And I found I needed to cook mine a bit longer than the “6-8 minutes, no more” that the author recommends.

But for an emergency cookie? These are great, albeit candy-like.

I made mine with local Ontario peanut butter from Kernal Peanuts.


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Bananas are certainly not local in Toronto. But I had to interrupt your regular programming to share this amazing recipe that’s been circulating lately, from choosingraw.com (but I discovered it via Plentiful Plants).

Take a couple of bananas, frozen and in chunks. Put them in your food processor. Process for a few minutes, scraping the bowl down as needed. Devour.

This stuff is creamy and sugary like ice cream, but with none of the guilt. And it’s made my food processor suddenly the most popular appliance in the kitchen. I’ve tried it plain and drizzled with melted chocolate (which hardens again – so good!).

So… how to make it local? Well, I read one blog where the author added peanut butter to the bananas. And… check out what I found at Karma the other day! Local peanut butter! (I believe you can order it online as well, but that’s not as much fun.) Guess what I’m having for dessert tomorrow night?


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