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Purple kale salad, squash/leek/corn/wild rice salad, and farro with lentils, caramelized onions and feta (I made mine with spelt and red onions). Looks very wintry – appropriate for the first week after daylight savings ends.

Kale, squash, leek and onions from Plan B. Feta from Ewenity and beluga lentils from Mountain Path both via Fiesta Farms.


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I love cheese, but it has to have flavour, so a little goes a long way – which means you can afford to spend a little. My most-purchased cheese has to be the sheep’s milk feta from Ewenity, a co-operative of Ontario farmers. I’ve bought it at Karma Co-op, Fiesta Farms and Whole Foods, and I saw it at new cheese store Nancy’s Cheese (at Dupont and Spadina) recently, too. I add it to pretty much every salad I ever make and it goes well in huevos rancheros too. The feta’s my favourite, but Ewenity has a bunch of other products as well, including yogurt and ice cream. Check it out!

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