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Dinner at Raw Aura

Last night was my second-ever (excluding the airport) trip to Mississauga. (The first was many years ago, when I was studying Croatian and we went on a trip to a Croatian opera.) I met up with two friends (with cars) and we headed to Raw Aura in Port Credit as part of our tour of Toronto’s raw restaurants. Douglas McNish, the chef at Raw Aura, was one of the people I interviewed for my raw-food article in Edible Toronto and I wanted to check out his work. (Apologies in advance for badly lit iPhone photos.)

The restaurant is small, and cute. Street parking is free after 5! And my first impression after reading the menu was that I wanted to try one of everything.

And I tried. First, the Muddy Waters juice: kale, apple, celery, beet, lemon and parsley. As the name suggests, it’s not the prettiest of juices, but it has its own special beauty.

Appetizer: the beet ravioli, filled and topped with a cashew cheese and red pepper marinara sauce. And this is the point where I caution you that portion sizes aren’t small at Raw Aura. I could have stopped here and been completely satisfied (with a bite of dessert at the end, of course.) I loved the kale chips on top – this was my favourite dish of the night.

One of the nightly specials was a mushroom soup. I’ll go for anything with mushrooms in it so of course I ordered it. It came topped with watercress, which was delicious and pretty but kind of a pain to eat unchopped. The soup was a lot simpler and milder in flavour than the ravioli so while delicious, it might have been better served first.

What did my friends order, you ask? One had the falafel, made of sprouted chickpeas and wrapped in collard leaves, with a cauliflower tabouli.

The other started with the avocado tartare:

And chose the miso soup as her main. It’s a hearty one, with kale, kelp noodles and sprouted beans.

For dessert we shared a platter of three selections. From top: blueberry cheesecake, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

We were all completely stuffed, but we were up to the challenge.

The winner was the pecan pie, but as you can see, we managed to polish them all off.

The verdict? All three of us agreed that while all the raw restaurants we’ve tried are excellent in their own rights, Raw Aura has the best raw food in the city – and it isn’t even in the city. Thanks, Doug!

Now to calculate times to Port Credit on the Go bus…

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