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Pumpkin butter (and oatmeal)

Confession: This isn’t local pumpkin. This is canned organic pumpkin from somewhere in the U.S. But, of course, you could make it with your own pumpkin puree, or probably even squash.

The recipe comes originally from Smitten Kitchen, as interpreted by Oh She Glows. Pumpkin puree is sweetened, spiced and thickened into a yummy topping.

Start with pumpkin puree and apple juice (I used cider).

Add sugar and spices. I used half maple sugar, half brown sugar but honestly, I couldn’t taste the maple. (Maybe I could have with a side-by-side comparison.) By the way, if you really want a way to keep your brown sugar from going hard, store it in a mason jar. It’s actually airtight and doesn’t lose moisture.

I served it immediately on top of steel-cut oats (cooked up with dried cherries and topped with sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, almonds and hemp milk).

So, so delicious. We’re going to serve it with cornmeal muffins at Thanksgiving dinner.


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